Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur


Somapura Mahavihara is one of the most famous Buddhist monuments in the Indian Subcontinent and one of the most significant ancient historical locations in the country, in Paharpur. 


The UNESCO World Heritage Site was named in 1985. 


A ruined Buddhist monastery Buddhist Vihara or Sompur Vihara or Sompur Mahabihara about 3 km north of Badalgachhi Upazila, Naogaon District, Rajshahi Division. 


In the Pala era, in Bengal and in Magadha, monasteries were constructed.

The founder of this convent was Dharmapala Vikramsila. It was Varendi Magadha’s ruler. 

This excellent construct was revealed by Sir Cunningham in 1879. 

The biggest Buddhist monastery in the world may be called Paharpur. This is like Nalanda Mahabharat in India. 

For three centuries, it was Buddhism’s most renowned center. Theology was studied and practiced by Buddhists from all over the subcontinent, including China, Tibet, Myanmar (Malaysia), Malaysia and Indonesia.

Paharpur lies at 122 meters north of the Buddhist monastery and 5 meters east of the Buddhist monastery. A number of six houses in Vihara were inhabited by Buddhist monks. The cave is situated in the center of the monastery with a wonderful temple, 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, and a temple 4 feet elevated. 

On the outside of the temple were discovered idols of goddesses Buddha and Hindu and plates of burned floor. 

The Paharpur Buddhist Vihara main basin is approximately 20 feet large. Inside the enclosure, there is another Buddhist temple.

It is 122 feet north-south and 3 feet east-west of the Paharpur Buddhist Monastery. 

Experts are saying Paharpur is currently one of the world’s finest geometric models. There was a temple of Jain, according to some. On top of this temple, the monastery was constructed.


In this Vihara, there are 5 houses. In their houses, Buddhist monks lived. 

In the center of Vihara, there is a temple. It has a span of 5 feet, a width of 5 feet and a height of 5 feet. The bottom portion of the house crashed in the development of history. There are Buddha statues, Hindus goddesses and many crushed earthen fields, on the exterior border of the building. These numbers portray normal people’s varied life. Vihara’s walls are approximately 20 feet wide. In the center of the enclosure is another temple.

It consists of 177 cells and a traditional Buddhist stupa, which are located in the center of the structure. The monks used the spaces to lodge and meditate.

In addition to a large number of stupas and shrines of various sizes and shapes, terracotta plaques, stone sculptures, inscriptions, coins, ceramics, etc. have been discovered.


The central temple

The ruins of the central temple are located in the middle of the open courtyard in the interior of Vihar. A unique sign of architectonic architecture, the surprisingly ancient temple. Fantastic planning for artists. 

Some 2,000 beautiful figurines of terracotta can be found in the walls of the temple. 

The reflection of ordinary people’s lives in ancient Bengal has been distributed. For instance, individuals, hunter, female dancers, shepherds, crops, flowers, livestock, elephants, horses, etc.


In the open courtyard in the center of Vihara are the remains of some of the structures. In the southwest of the courtyard are the dining room and the bathroom. There are a 5 m lengthy brick sewer between these two facilities with three fountains in a line. There are also some stupas, administrative structures, main shrine images, etc. The stupa, situated in an 8-point star shape, on the south-east side of the proposed stupa.

How to go:

However, from Gabtoli or Mohakhali in Dhaka, you can get through Naogaon by bus. Naogaon is about 32 kilometers from Paharpur. From there, you can simply get into a bus or hire an auto-rickshaw to explore the Buddhist Monastery of Paharpur. 

If you want to go by train, the train will take you to the Jamalgonj station in Jaipurhat from Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka. You must then take a taxi or auto-rickshaw from here to Paharpur Buddhist Bihar. Jamalgonj is only 5 km away from Paharpur Buddhist Vihara.

Where to stay: 

There is no arrangement to stay in Paharpur for tourists. You must return from there and remain in the town during the day. 

In addition, some Naogaon hotels are the Faryal hotel, the Raj hotel, Jamuna hotel, Flood hotel, Armani hotel, Sarani hotel, and the Chisti hotel.


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