Shopnopuri Amusement Parks at Dinajpur! 


If you are somehow not satisfied with the extent of entertainment the roads have to give. You must then check Dinajpur’s Shopnopuri Amusement Parks! 

There are no good things in the center of all the pleasure and fun that you enjoy, or in the middle of different types of rides with your families and friends. But this famous “Shopnopuri” playing field provides one thing. 

They offer all adventure and fun, while fitted with amenities and trendy facilities, with a certain style.


Shopnopuri is a man-made recreation park placed within the Dinajpur district of the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It’s placed 16 kilometers off from Nawbabgonj upazila and 55 kilometers from Dinajpur town.

The fun playground was founded on 150 acres of property in 1989.

This park is found at Khalishpur Mouza, Nawabganj upazila of the district. the space from Phulbari Upazila town to Sapnpuri is 12 kilometer


Brief Description:

Once you arrive in Shopnopuri, two enormous, formed fairy paintings at the door of the park will welcome you. On each side of the door, both fairies stretch out their wings and raise one hand. On both sides of the street, there are a number of trees across the entrance. Then on both sides of the trail, there will be rows of cedar trees. Coconut trees on either side of the cedar tree.


Shopnopuri is a self-sufficient entertainment center. Here is an artificial zoo, a zoo of live animals, a park for kids, rocks, bioscopes, etc. composed of a huge map of Bangladesh made of artificial hills, artificial fountains, and brick-cement. 

There are cable cars, horse carts, zoos, artificial zoos, artificial fish worlds, restaurants. Here you’ll be able to realize the world with artificial fish and numerous animals. 

There are several little rides for fun. Riding on a powerboat on a synthetic lake are often excellent expertise. 

There also are artificial statues of animals, like biology, Amy, morale, dinosaur, poet, and lots of different creatures. Rainbow’s gallery, for varied styles of sculptures and paintings. 

In ‘Maha Maya Indrajal’-the magic gallery, one will relish the magic. 


Numerous visitors from various places in Bangladesh come here for entertaining or picnic. Particularly throughout winter, public gatherings are high. 

There also are artificial hills and fountains. The fountains are falling into a small reservoir of water. 

The ‘Shopnopuri’ includes a children’s park for kids, rocking, and rotation in Charkhi. 


How to visit Shopnopuri: 

From Dhaka, you can head to Dinajpur by bus or train. If you go by bus, then you can get off from Gabloli or Kalyanpur, Dhaka to Dinajpur town.

Bus services include Nabil Transport, SR Travels, SA Transportation, Hanif Enterprise, Kia Transport, Shyamoli Transport, etc. Non-AC and AC buses are offered 450 to 550 BD taka per person. 

Besides, some buses from Uttara in Dhaka left for Dinajpur. 


From Dhaka Kamalapur railway station, the Anto-Nagar Drotojaan train express train leaves for Dinajpur at 7:40 pm. Another Anto-Nagar Ekta Express leaves Dhaka at 9:50 am. Ekta and Drotojaan express trains are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays severally. It takes 185 to 900 BD taka to get these train tickets according to the class. 

From Dinajpur town, you can simply visit the Shopnopuri picnic spot by getting into a bus or hiring CNG. 


Where to remain in Shopnopuri or Dinajpur: 

Tourists can come and stay for 2 days if he desires to. 

For this, there are 5 fascinating bungalows named Nishipadam, Nilpari, Sandhyaatara, Rajnigandha Methowagar, and VIP Kunj. 

These bungalows are rented out for leisure. There’s a low price for food. If you wish you can stay within the cottages of Shopnopuri. But you have to book them beforehand.


You’ll be able to also contact the tourist motel to remain in Dinajpur town. General quality residential hotels include Hotel Diamond, New Hotel, Hotel Al Rashid, Hotel Rehana, Hotel Naveen and so on. 


The history of Dinajpur is incredibly ancient and rich. Dinajpur district, renowned for its traditions of literature and culture, is legendary for manufacturing rice, litchi, and mango. 


Notable sights and historical installations include the Temple of Kanji, Ramsagar Dighi, Rajbari, Nayabad mosque, Lichu Garden, etc. 


Entry Fee: 

The entry fee of the Shopnopuri is 50 taka only. 


Whether you’re a child or an adult, amusement parks are an excellent way to have a good time and find that hormone rush. With being an adult and dealing comes all the strain of everyday life. we all explore for an opportunity and typically resort to nature for relaxing. 

however, have you ever ever thought that your youngsters may like a chance too? they’re additionally pawns during this competitive world, and it doesn’t deduct something from you if you provide them their well-deserved outing. 

Amusement parks are perpetually the solution to such a drag. every day here will reduce your stress levels, and you’ll be able to be assured of getting the time of your lives.


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