“Sajek Valley” — The Roof Of Rangamati


Dear Travel Peeping Friends, these days we’ll bring up the most attention-grabbing and popular tourist center of Bangladesh, “Sajek Valley” — The Roof Of Rangamati recently.


Location of Sajek Valley:

Sajek is a union of Baghaichori upazila of Rangamati district. the biggest union of Bangladesh is 702 square miles. it’s adjacent to the mountainous border of Mizoram, India.

Although Sajek is located in Rangamati district, it’s less than the distance from Khagrachhari. The communication from here is incredibly good. Sajek BGB Camp is the highest camp in Bangladesh. Presently the army and BGB members are provided with adequate development and security during this area.

There are additional amenities, including a light-weight show, lodging, trekking, camping, site seeing, and so on.


Natural Beauty of Sajek Valley:

Sajek basically lives in Lusai, Pankhwa, Tripura indigenous individuals. There are 3 helipads, from that the sunlight and the sunset are stunning scenes. Throughout all of this, the glorious scenes of the magnificent mountains, lush green hills are bound to impress you.

Don’t forget to check Hazachara falls, Dighinala Hanging Bridge, Banbihar, tribal Village, Alutila Cave, etc on the way to this place. it’s known as Rangamati Roof because everything is seen around the Rangamati from Sajak vali. From here, the Lusai Hills of Mizoram border is seen, from where the Karnafuli river originates. There are numerous varieties of indigenous cultures, which are terribly enjoyable at the time of year. The bananas and oranges are renowned here. The first village of Sajek, Ruili Para and the last village Kanglak Para.

Kanglak Sajak’s highest peak. Its height is 1800 meters. Here you’ll get lost in the state of floating clouds.


How to go:

From Dhaka, you have to come to Khagrachari town directly by Ac or Non-AC bus. the distance from Khagrachari to Sajek is seventy kilometers and forty-nine Kilometers from Dighinala. A jeep is found in the Khagrachari town known as Chander gari.

From Shapla circle of the town, you got to hire a Chander gari. Also, available in CNG and Bike. However, they’re not safe on mountainous roads.

If you wish to come from Rangamati, you may need to walk through a long trail Kaptai Lake on the way to Sajek.


Where to stay, what to eat:

There are several quality cottages and resorts in Sajek, you’ll be able to stay there. There are many quality restaurants to eat. However, you have got to book beforehand and order your meal before half-hour to eat.

Please don’t mess around your surroundings and don’t damage the plants.

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