Kuakata- Sagar Kannya (Daughter of Ocean)

Even though  Kuakata- Sagar Kannya (Daughter of Ocean) is a tiny place on the southern coast of Barisal. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations, because of its wealthy heritage, warm and friendly individuals, tropical climate, scenic beaches, and super delicious seafood.

For people traveling to Bangladesh alone, it absolutely was the proper introduction. Naturally, the more popular an area becomes, the more it changes and overtime.

From there on, I am going to share some information about Kuakata- Sagar Kannya (Daughter of Ocean).



Kuakata is in Kalapara Upazila, Patuakhali District. It’s about 320 kilometers (200 mi) far away south of Dhaka. Kuakata is a town renowned for its wide sea beach. It’s in southeastern Bangladesh and is the number 2 holidaymaker destination within the country. 

Experiences the wonderful natural beauty: 

Kuakata is a place of pilgrim’s journey for Hindu and Buddhist communities. countless devotees arrive here at the festivals of ‘Rush Purnima’ and ‘Maghi Purnima’. On these occasions, the pilgrims take holy baths at the bay and participate within the traditional fairs. 

One could visit a 100-year-old Buddhist temple wherever the sculpture of Goutama Buddha and 200-year-old wells.

Kuakata offers a full view of the sunrise and sunset from the identical white sandy beach within the water of the Bay of Bengal. 

Regionally referred to as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of Ocean), the long strip of dark, marbleized sand stretches for concerning 18 kilometers (11 mi). 

The long, wide beach at Kuakata features a typical natural beauty. This sandy beach has mild slopes into the Bay of Bengal. 

Kuakata is additionally a sanctuary for migratory winter birds. On the eastern end of the beach is Gongamati Reserved Forest, an evergreen mangrove forest and a snippet of the original Kuakata. 

When the Rakhines settled within the area in 1784, Kuakata was a part of the larger Sundarbans forest. However, the Sundarbans is one-hour away by speed boat. As a mangrove forest, Gongamati, just like the Sundarbans, offers some protection against tidal surges. However, it too is being threatened by work and deforestation.

 The most effective way to reach the forest is by foot or bike on the beach, wherever flag-flying fishing boats are often seen trawling the coast. Visiting Gangamati in the late afternoon may be a good time to observe the sun.

On one aspect of the beach there’s a large sea and on the opposite aspect a row of coconut trees. Kuakata’s clean beaches, unspoiled lovely beaches, horizontal sunshine, and mangrove forests provide Kuakata a special dimension. 

Fishermen are seen on the beaches of Kuakata almost all over the year. You’ll be able to rent a bike if you wish on the beach. The rental amount usually depends on distance and time. Besides, there are several ‘chars’ closes to Kuakata. There are speedboats, trawlers and engine-powered boats to sail on.

How to go: 

From Dhaka to Kuakata you can get access to both rivers and roads. From Dhaka Sadarghat at launch, you can go Kuakata via Patuakhali or Barisal. Moreover, considering the best route, the river route to Kuakata is easier and cozy than by bus. You can go in 2 ways to launch from Dhaka to Kuakata. 

Firstly, from Dhaka to Patuakhali on launch: 

From Dhaka’s Sadarghat Launch Terminal, one can head to Patuakhali and from there take a local bus to Kuakata. 

After the afternoon departure from Sadarghat, Sundarbans-3, Kuakata-3, MV prince Aoulad-1, Kajal-3, Sundarbans-3, MVA, and Khan-1 left for Patuakhali. From Patuakhali launch ferry to bus stand at an auto-rickshaw move to Kuakata. The time will be like 2 hours. 

Secondly, from Dhaka to Barisal on launch: 

You can go from Sadarghat to Barisal at launch and from there you’ll be able to attend Kuakata by bus. After the evening departure from Sadarghat, multiple launches for Barisal launch ghat. Arrives in Barisal within the morning. You have got to take a bus from Barisal Launchghat at the “Rupatoli bus stand”. It’ll take probably 5 hours. Except for this, you’ll be able to go from Barisal to Kuakata by renting a car. 

Bus to Dhaka from Kuakata: 

If you wish to get on the bus from Dhaka to Kuakata. From Sakura transport, Dhurti transport, Surabi transport bus goes to Kuakata from Dhaka’s Gabtoli bus stand. Also, every morning and night, the bus leaves for Kuakata from Kamalapur BRTC bus terminal. 

Where to stay in Kuakata: 

There are several quality hotels in Kuakata for tourists to remain. Depending on the quality and level, these hotels are going to be offered for 400 to 500 BD taka. You do not need to book a hotel before the season and go without a public vacation. And in fact, the price can rise. You should bargain before you book. 

Among Kuakata hotels: 

  1. Youth In Hotel
  2. Holiday Homes Hotel
  3. Hotel Graver In
  4. Sea View Hotel
  5. Beach Haven Resort etc.

Food facilities: 

Hotels in Kuakata offer food for their guests at their own restaurants. Apart from this, local cuisine is additionally out there in various native restaurants. You can also try delicious seafood and sweets.

To rent a bike or auto-rickshaw for the whole day, on the other hand, is far easier and is however most travelers explore in Kuakata. 

Please check out the standard of the bike you’re given – particularly if the brakes and lights, and horn work before setting off on any journey. Roaming around the beaches on 2 wheels is great fun still as lovely – unnecessary to mention!

  continuously, wear a helmet while you ride in a bike! 

Kindly requested to you,

# Please do not bring any coral from the island.

# Do not throw any kind of waste like coconut shells, food packets, water bottles, etc.

# Do not ditch marine animals and different plants.

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