Location Of Kaptai Lake:

Kaptai Lake is the largest man-made lake and one of the most famous sights of Rangamati district of Bangladesh. Its area is 1100 sq. kilometers. This man-made lake is entirely connected with Rangamati districts so that, the main public transport is boat or troller. It makes this place more attractive and adorable to all types of backpackers.


Amazing Natural Beauty!

Kaptai lake looks like an English (H) shape. Its 2 arms are connected to the Subvalong waterfall by a narrow monk, that is mixed with 2 main branches of the Karnaphuli river. In 1956, once the Kaptai dam was designed to line up the water plant on the Karnafuli river, regarding fifty-five acres of the encompassing space was formed within the water and this lovely blue artificial lake was created.

The tourism industry of Rangamati district has developed around this Kaptai Lake.

This lake is settled on the famous Hanging Bridge of Rangamati, stunning low green mountains and hills, indigenous villages, Shuvolong waterfall, and plenty of different attention-grabbing sights like the images on the lakeshore.

So, traveling around this lake, you may see all the gorgeous scenery close you during a looser life. which can bring a unique experience for you?

There are new Chakma Rajbari, Buddhist temple, Picnic spot, sheik Russell Eco park at Kaptai Lake. moreover, you can also visit Karnaphuli paper mill, Kaptai Dam, Kaptai National park, Navicamp Picnic Spot and so on.

There’s additionally the Kayaking arrangement in this lake. If you wish, you’ll be able to visit the complete lake and its surroundings by hiring a trailer or boat for the entire day.

The natural beauty surrounding the Kaptai Lake is remarkably stunning and charming. beautiful low green hills, transparent blue waters of the lake, typically tiny green islands that are waking up, further as photos. There are numerous varieties of attention-grabbing occasions of Chakmas in different parts of the year. That makes travel a unique experience for the tourists.


How to go:

If you wish to go by AC/Non-AC bus of different companies like S. Alam, Hanif, Shamoli, Saintmartin, etc. from Dhaka, you’ll be able to go on to Kaptai Upazila of Rangamati district.

Anyone else will head to Chittagong by bus, train or plane and then go straight to Kaptai by bus.

From there you’ll be able to head to Kaptai Lake by auto-rickshaw. you need to hire a boat or trawler to travel around to Kaptai Lake.


Where to stay, What to eat:

There are several beautiful hotels, resorts, and cottages in Rangamati town or Kaptai Upazila to stay. Army, Forest Department, L.G.E.D. Or the tourism corporation has rest house (Dak-Bungalow).

However, you may book beforehand with reference to anyone you recognize.

There are several fine restaurants to eat food besides the Kaptai Lake.



Lastly, a sincere request to you, please don’t dirty the water of the lake with food packets, water bottles, and different rubbish. because Kaptai Lake is our pride and national resources.

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