Durga Sagar- An Exquisite Heritage of Barisal! 


Once exploring all the main holidaymaker locations in Barisal, now I wished to check something new. I searched Google which is kind of helpful presently regarding exploring a town. From there I came to understand the Durga Sagar- An Exquisite Heritage of Barisal! 

Due to its close proximity to Durgasagar Dighi, Guthia Mosque, and Vimruli Floating Market, you’ll be able to take a day tour if you wish.



Durga Sagar, known regionally as Madhabpasha Dighi, is the largest pond in southern Bangladesh. It is at Madhabpasa village of Babuganj Upazila. It is located on the Banaripara Neesarabad road in Barisal. 

The pond is regarding 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) off from Barisal town. Here is a little low island inside the middle of the lake; this island was originally not a part of the lake — it had been created by artificial means to beautify and increase tourist attraction. 


Brief Description of Durga Sagar: 

Durga Sagar is an area of about 2,500 hectares. Initially, there were four brick designed ghats each having 15m width. As a result of the insufficiency of proper maintenance jungles gradually enclosed the pond. However, in 1975, the government renovated it to some extent. 

There is a forested hill inside the lake, that is kind of a small island. varied coconut trees around the pond that along with the pond are bounded by brick-walls. 

The huge pond Durga Shagor can also be written as Durga Sagar Dighi. 


It’s an enormous pond that was dug during 1780 by rani Durgabotiwho was the mother of Raja Jai Narayan. The initiative was taken to ease the water crisis of native folks. 


That time it had four ghats at the four sides of the Dighi. Later those got ruined and coated with jungle. This immense pond is known as at that time magnanimous Queen Durgaboti. 


Later in 1975, the Dighi was renovated and presently only 2 ghats accessible on the north and west side. Nowadays, the area is completely bounded by the walls. it has a pathway around for the pedestrian. 


Throughout the season of winter and spring season, the pond becomes vivacious and spirited throughout the day. Walking around the paved streets around the pond, the town inhabitant finds a new level of recreation.

And to the residents of the village come to this pond to seek out yourself in heaven with rural natural beauty. Around the trees on the north side of the pond a transparent barrage of clear water. 


Around the pond, green bushes are formed with numerous kinds of trees like coconut, betel nut, mahogany, etc. that are presently increasing the wonder of the pond. 

In the winter, the pond is often seen in massive quantities of guest birds. Throughout the winter, the pond is invoked by thousands of birds of 5 species. numerous birds, together with sorrel and also the sand swan, take shelter within the middle of the dighi. Swim in the clear, crystalline water of the pond. sometimes at midday on a gentle winter, the wings are tied to the wings.


Things to do: 

You’ll be able to have a swim at the large pond if you have additional clothes with you. There are fishing facilities with sticks. But you have to pay the amount to get permission.

There’s a picnic spot inside the closed area of the dighi. Barisal development board presently is taking care of it. 

Around the dighi, there is a brick pathway. There is conjointly a park where guests can pay time off by roaming around the park and watch the birds. 


How to go:

By road, you may reach Dhaka from Barisal in 3 to 5 hours. Every day from 7 am to 9 pm, some buses leave from Gabtoli bus terminal to Barisal. Most buses cross Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross Mawa ghat to Barisal. Buses from Dhaka stop at Nitullabad bus stand in Barisal.


The buses that operate from Dhaka to Barisal: 

Shakura Transport, Eagle Transportation, Hanif Transport, 

Bus fare: 

AC bus fare: 700 / -BDT. 

Non AC bus fare: 500 / -BDT. 

local bus fare: 250 to 300/ — BDT. 


By boat or launch from Dhaka to Barisal:

launches depart from Sadar Ghat between 8 am and 5 pm. Of these, Sundarban 1/3, Surabhi 1, Parbat 3, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are quite good. 

The launches reach Barisal around 7 am. 

Launch rent fare: 

Deck Rent 200 BDT. 

Double Cabin 1600 BDT. 

VIP Cabin 5000 BDT. 

This Durgasagar Dighi is only 32 km away from Barisal district town. From Barisal Launch Ghat you’ll be able to ride a powered laguna or bus to the Dighi’s Gate.

It needs paying BDT 10 to enter inside the premise. 


Wherever to stay: 

On the west side of the pond, adjacent to the Ghat, there is Dakbanglo of Zilla Parishad. If you would like, travelers can spend some time sitting here by the side of the pond at night time. 


You’ll be able to also come back to Barisal if you want. There are several residential hotels to remain in Barisal.

These include

Hotel Paradise International,

Hotel Grand Plaza,

Hotel Athena International,

Hotel Hawk International, etc.


Eating Facilities: 

Barisal is legendary for local food. One can simply get a taste of Barisal foods together with different varieties of food, sweets, street foods in native restaurants. 


In conclusion, I will say Durga Sagar remains one of my favorite places in Barisal. It is a splendid place to relax and think back. A perfect place to rely on the vows of life! 

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